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An alto player originally deep-rooted in bop, who by the late fifties was beginning to shed his Charlie Parker influences and take a more bluesy/soul approach. Blues Walk, from a one-day session in July of '58 has attained unanimous five-star status with the title track itself becoming one of the leader's signature tunes. Surrounding himself not with the usual all-stars found on many Blue Note dates from this period, Donaldson carefully chose his cohorts personally for their cohesiveness as a unit. Never one to engage frequently in wide-open "blowing sessions," the results are powerful yet melodic and in one case, "Autumn Nocturne," fairly romantic without causing full-blown diabetes. Pianist Herman Foster's intense pianistics almost steal the show while Peck Morrison's bass and the often-overlooked Dave Bailey's drumming augment to perfection. The addition of Ray Barretto's congas (a regular on many of Donaldson's sessions from this period) is tasteful and a nice touch without turning every song into a Latin re-write. Mastered and cut from the original full-track mono master tapes using a full-track mono tape head and all-tube tape electronics by Bernie Grundman.

Blues Walk
The Masquerade Is Over
Play Ray
Autumn Nocturne
Callin' All Cats

Customer Reviews (4.00 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

Great recording perfect condition

posted on 07/23/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: David
My copy arrived in perfect condition, both the outer sleeve and vinyl itself. Perfectly flat (one of the flattest I have) and with no surface defects at all. Whatever quality problems afflicted the previous reviewer seem to have been resolved, at least with the copy I have. Most importantly, great music and great sonics!

Great music...bad pressing

posted on 07/11/2009
3 Stars
Reviewer: Steve
I was excited to listen to this LP after buying "True Blue" by Tina Brooks. Unfortunately, the copy I received was filthy, covered in dust, fingerprints etc...I cleaned it with my Disc Doctor, and it plays mostly quiet now. I am not sure what happened, but I am hesitant to spend $33.00 on another Classic Records reissue. I think I will just buy the regualar vinyl from Blue Note...less risk. Quality control seems to be an issue for Classic Records.

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