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Featuring musicianship that serves well-crafted compositions in a variety of idioms, Yes' Fragile is the progressive rock masterpiece of all time. Fragile drove the genre into popular consciousness and yielded the staples "Roundabout" and "Long Distance Runaround." With this classic rock landmark, Yes established the foundation that later progressive groups would build upon.

1. Roundabout
2. Cans And Brahms
3. We Have Heaven
4. South Side Of The Sky
5. Five Per Cent For Nothing
6. Long Distance Runaround
7. The Fish (Shindleria Praematurus)
8. Mood For A Day
9. Heart Of The Sunrise

Customer Reviews (4.75 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

Sound not as good as DVD-A

posted on 06/15/2010
4 Stars
Reviewer: Ed
Purchased this after listening to "The Yes Album" on MOFI. I was impressed with that release and decided to give "Fragile" by MOFI a try. It is better than the domestic remaster, no doubt. The DVD-Audio edition is far better in every way though. This version sounds lifeless by comparison. I did recently compare the MOFI verison of The Doobie Brother's Captain and Me (which I played the SACD layer) to the DVD-Audio version and the MOFI SACD was superior in my opinion. I was listening with a friend and they agreed. The DVD-Audio was nice but the SACD was fuller.

a superior release

posted on 06/11/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Gaute
Compared to my UK vinyl release and the Rhino 2003 remaster, this is superior. The opening sounds fresh. The guitar is bright and clear. My other versions sounds like the guitar has worn strings. In the more powerful passages, the full sound of the Rickenbacker bass shines through, where the Rhino release is compressed and distorted.

Some of the graphics works are not quite there, but this is a fine release. My best sounding remaster?

There is also a 180gram vinyl out there. This is not a mobile fidelity release. If that sounds better than this, i'll be amazed.

My gear is Nuforce Ia-7, oppo bdp83 Nuforce edition and usher babydancer II.

Check out this release! It is highly recommended, but beware: everytime you go for a track, you end up playing the whole record. Twice. :-)

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