The Moody Blues - In Search Of The Lost Chord

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180-gram gatefold translucent gold vinyl

Mastered by Friday Music's Joe Reagoso from the original Dream Records tapes

In Search of the Lost Chord was another huge platinum plus smash for The Moody Blues and a stellar continuance of their progressive rock sound for the fans of this legendary English quintet. Featuring the original award winning lineup of Justin Hayward (lead vocals/guitars), John Lodge (lead vocals/bass), Ray Thomas (lead vocals/flutes), Ray Pinder (lead vocals/keyboards) and Graeme Edge (drums/vocals), In Search of the Lost Chord is undoubtedly one of their biggest-selling albums and also one of the finest offerings in their huge catalog.

Buoyed by the success of the hit single "Ride My See-Saw," the fine masterwork was filled with more hypnotic rockers like the powerful Ray Thomas classic "Legend of a Mind" with its haunting lyric "Timothy Leary's Dead," John Lodge's masterpiece "House of Four Doors," plus the legendary Justin Hayward's prog-rock champion "Voices in the Sky."

The wonderful album also features a fine array of songs from vocalist and keyboard whiz Mike Pinder including the acid rock sounds of "The Best Way to Travel" and the album's stellar closer, "Om," as well as the ever talented Graeme Edge's distinctive drum work throughout the LP and his lyrical prowess with the album's well known classics "The Word" and of course his spellbinding opener "Departure."

The beauty of this album is that you could always count on a classic listen from these five gentlemen of song. Featuring the late great Ray Thomas' striking vocals and flute delivery, Justin Hayward's and John Lodge's guitars and vocal acumen, the magic of Ray Pinder on the keys and classic vocal, plus Graeme Edge's powerful drum and singing, In Search of the Lost Chord became the album of choice for radio programmers in 1968. All in all, a hypnotic and spirited set from this very important and much loved classic rock band.

Celebrating five decades of this classic album and band, Friday Music is very pleased to continue another installment in their long-standing Moody Blues 180-gram audiophile vinyl series with their masterpiece In Search of the Lost Chord now on 180-gram gold vinyl.

Mastered impeccably from the Deram Records tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios, this super limited edition album will truly be a much anticipated Moody Blues revisit for all fans of classic and progressive rock music.

For this special limited edition, Friday Music has also included the original full-color album cover in gatefold style as you remember it from 1968, truly enhancing all the great music you will always remember from this historic classic.


Side A
1. Departure
2. Ride My See-Saw
3. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
4. House of Four Doors
5. Legend of a Mind
6. House of Four Doors (Part 2)

Side B
1. Voices in the Sky
2. The Best Way to Travel
3. Visions of Paradise
4. The Actor
5. The Word
6. Om

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