Todd Snider - Return Of The Storyteller


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No. of Discs: 2
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Side A
1. Big Finish
2. [Col. Bruce Hampton Ret.]
3. Turn Me Loose (I'II Never Be the Same)
4. [East Nashville]
5. Play a Train Song
6. [Old Man Shakes Fist At Sky]
7. Too Soon To Tell

Side B
1. Like a Force of Nature
2. [John Prine]
3. Handsome John
4. [Hard Luck Love Song]
5. Just Like Old Times
6. [Speakneck Speedball]
7. Roman Candles

Side C
1. The Very Last Time
2. Sail On, My Friend
3. [Being Outdoors]
4. Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern
5. Alright Guy
3. [Free Bird]

Side D
1. [Sock Water]
2. Just Like Overnight
3. [Alan Greenspan]
4. In Between Jobs
5. [Where Will I Go]
6. Working on a Song
7. Opening Statement

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