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A half-century after his death at 36, the astonishing saxophonist and flutist Eric Dolphy is still influencing and inspiring the most adventuresome jazz musicians. Dolphy was daring and iconoclastic while fully immersed in the jazz tradition. His musicianship was so thorough that innovators like Charles Mingus and John Coltrane held him in awe.

In a dream partnership, Dolphy and trumpeter Booker Little made a handful of recordings in 1960 and '61, shortly before Little's own premature death. The first of them are in this album. Included is the rare "Serene," never before issued with the session's other material.

1. Mrs. Parker of K. C. (Bird's Mother)
2. Ode to Charlie Parker
3. Far Cry
4. Miss Ann
5. Left Alone
6. Tenderly
7. It's Magic
8. Serene

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Dolphy at his most Lyrical

posted on 02/07/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Greg Lombardo
Dolphy has several kinds of appeal: his capacity for rapid up-beat playing in the bee bop mode; intricate interplay with other members of the band, virtuosity on three different instruments with a characteristic style, amazingly tender lyricism, and surprising dissonances and unexpected harmonies in his original compositions. This album exhibits outstanding examples of the first four. The intricate exchanges with Booker Little are one high-point; the solo pieces "Left Alone, and "Tenderly," and "Its Magic" display his capacity for lyricism and his different voices on the flute, sax, and clarinet.

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