Molly Lewis - The Forgotten Edge

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Globally renowned whistler on LP

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In the most literal sense, globally renowned whistler Molly Lewis makes her gorgeous and curious compositions out of thin air.

New entrees into the Exotica canon; sprawling, would-be Spaghetti Western scores; and a dash of Old Hollywood glamour — the whistle-led songs on her debut EP The Forgotten Edge are as complex, delicate and indelible as anything performed with viola or piano.

"Whistling is like a human theremin," said Lewis, an Australian native who's spent the last several years in LA, and whose performances there and around the world are changing any preconceived notions of whistling by the room-full.

That's not to say Lewis is all serious and snooty about the craft. Quite the contrary. Her sense of humor is witty, self-deprecating and zany. She's as likely to reference the slapstick Leslie Nielsen film series Naked Gun for music video concepts as she is a classic piece of noir cinema.

Her own love for the artform began when, around the age of 12 she was given the CD Steve "The Whistler" Herbst Whistles Broadway. Something contained in it clicked.

"It wasn't that I was immediately obsessed, but I knew it was something I could do well," Lewis said.

Recorded with a crack team of friends and musicians during 2020's quarantine, The Forgotten Edge is rife with incredible performances from Thomas Brenneck, Joe Harrison, Eric Hagstrom, Abe Rounds, Wayne Gordon, Gabriel Rowland, Leon Michels, and Dave Guy.


1. Oceanic Feeling
2. Island Spell
3. Balcony for Two
4. The Forgotten Edge
5. Satin Curtains
6. Wind's Lament Ft. Dave Guy

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