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Styx returns with first new album in four years!

180-gram vinyl pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Legendary U.S. pomp rockers Styx have a new concept album, the band's 17th, Crash Of The Crown. Spawning a new era of hope, survival, and prosperity, the album follows in the proggier vein of their 2017 album The Mission, which drew inspiration from the band's earlier days.

Although the 15-track new album takes a hard look at some inherently dark subjects, the prevalent light at the end of the tunnel eventually becomes each song's focal point — a persistent fervor to keep moving forward and achieve the greater good. Featuring "Crash of the Crown," "Reveries" and more, it's available on 180-gram black vinyl pressed for ultimate sound quality at Quality Record Pressings.

"We've never been a protest band. We're more like a gospel caravan trying to send out positive messages wherever we go," says Crash Of The Crown co-creator and overall visionary Tommy Shaw. "In order to share those positive messages, you have to look at what the problems are first to figure out all the ways you can help make sure everything's going to be alright. That's a very important part of how we do what we do."

Crash of the Crown was written pre-pandemic and recorded during the trying times of the global crisis. The lead single is the first cut in the band's storied canon to feature three lead vocalists.

"I'm always looking for the one different thing we can do and still have it be Styx," Lawrence Gowan notes, "and that's the song I'm most proud of. The beauty of it is that it's the culmination of all our talents crammed together into one song, Abbey Road-style. I also got to use some gear I never thought I'd have the chance to play on a Styx record like Tommy's Hammond B3 organ, my Minimoog, and my Mellotron."

Side A:
1. The Fight Of Our Lives
2. A Monster
3. Reveries
4. Hold Back The Darkness
5. Save Us From Ourselves
6. Crash Of The Crown
7. Our Wonderful Lives

Side B:
1. Common Ground
2. Sound The Alarm
3. Long Live The King
4. Lost At Sea
5. Coming Out The Other Side
6. To Those
7. Another Farewell
8. Stream

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