The Sugarhill Gang - The Best Of Sugarhill Gang

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Hip Hop / Rap

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180-gram gatefold double LP on translucent gold vinyl!

If there ever were originators of a brand of music which has lasted now for well over three decades, the trio from Englewood, N.J. known as The Sugarhill Gang surely shook the world up with their first smash hit "Rapper's Delight" in 1979. Featuring their rhymes and rap styles against the music of Chic's classic hit Good Times, the song would go on to influence generations of rap and hip hop artists for years to come.

Consisting of Michael "Wonder Mike" Wright, Henry "Big Bank Hank" Jackson and Guy "Master Gee" O'Brien, these three rappers turned the street sounds of the east coast into a worldwide party and kept it going for many more hit singles and albums throughout the '80s into the new millennium.

Discovered by Sugarhill label owners, superstar soul singer and producer Sylvia Robinson and her husband Joe Robinson, the Sugarhill Gang would go on to develop more smash dance floor and rap hits with the likes of tunes like "Girls," the mush emulated summer smash "Hot Hot Summer Day," and their explosive collaboration tour de force with "The Furious Five" on the classic "Showdown."

More hits followed the band thanks to massive airplay on their colossal worldwide smash "Apache" and of course their brilliant "Livin' In The Fast Lane."

Mastered from the original Sugarhill Records tapes by Joe "Philly Soul" Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Capitol Records in Hollywood, the music sounds as exciting as ever thanks to the audiophile presentation of two stellar LPs.

1. Rapper's Delight
2. Hot Hot Summer Day
3. 8th Wonder
4. Showdown
5. Apache
6. The Lover In You
7. The Word Is Out
8. Livin' In The Fast Lane
9. Kick It Live From 9 To 5
10. Girls
11. Work, Work, The Body

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