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Stereophile Class A

"The Phantom itself was audibly tracking the record frequencies top to bottom with the kind of fidelity I hadn't heard before from any moving-coil in any pickup arm, pivoted or straight-line. My impression was that it now was equally excellent in extracting hidden information at any frequency...It is obvious to me that I wasn't getting this level of performance before the Phantom II arrived, just as it is obvious to me that the arm is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design savvy." - Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound, October 2009

The Phantom is the first completely new state-of-the-art tonearm from Graham Engineering since the first Model 1.0 was announced over 15 years ago. Bob Graham's latest triumph is the result of research into design theory, materials analysis, and extensive testing. The result is a tonearm that delivers an unsurpassed musical experience. New features include a new oversized bearing with lower center of gravity, new counterweight design and larger diameter armtube featuring a more rigid locking system. Finally, a patented Magnaglide magnetic azimuth and damping adjustment provides improved stability for both handling and sonic performance.

Description: Magnetically stabilized, fluid-damped unipivot tonearm.
Mounting profiles: standard Graham Custom Mount and SME mount.

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B-44 is Excellent

posted on 03/20/2006
5 Stars
I'm using my Phantom on a TNT-HRX table. Aside from having what I consider very little sound of it's own with exceptionally low noise and top to bottom balance and coherence, what strikes me most about this arm is its convenience. Provided you have a perfectly drilled out armboard, setting up the parameters on this arm is so easy anybody with a good ear can turn into a bonafode "set-up" man. It took minutes to fully dial in the Dynavector XV-1s. Because the adjustments all have their own controls. It is an absolute snap to re-adjust for example VTF after you've adjusted and tuned VTA. Azimuth adjustment via the opposing magnets is just so easy compared to fiddling with the dropweights of other arms which tend to screw up your tracking force settings too. The alignment tool with its clear flip top can save you the trouble of a trip to the chiropractor and no more having the cart perfectly aligned only to have it move when you tighten the nuts! Fantastic!

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