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Jimmie Vaughan - The Pleasure's All Mine - The Complete Blues, Ballads, and Favorite Collections


Last Music Company



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180 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 3

180 Gram LP

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The complete blues, ballads, and favorites collection!

Jimmie Vaughan's recordings from 2006-2011 are available in one gorgeous set!

Limited edition 180-gram 3LP vinyl

"...terrific, crackling listen... that sounds as rollicking (now) as it would have 50 years earlier." — AllMusic

A decade ago Jimmie Vaughan released his definitive album Blues, Ballads and Favorites. It was a stunning collection of 15 of his favorite songs, from Billy Emerson's "The Pleasure's All Mine" to Willie Nelson's "Funny How Time Slips Away," and featured guest vocals from band members Lou Ann Barton and Bill Willis. Vaughan followed the album up in 2011 with More Blues, Ballads and Favorites, digging deep into the music that had helped shape his life in the blues.

On October 30, 2020, the Last Music Co. will release a special 3LP set of these two albums titled The Pleasure's All Mine, spotlighting the music of one of the true pioneers in showcasing the roots of American music.

"When I talk about country and blues, they're the same thing," Vaughan says. "Muddy Waters and Hank Williams, Webb Pierce and Jimmy Reed. When I was a kid, I didn't understand the difference. Everybody was always asking me, ‘Why do you want to play blues? Why don't you play country?' But I would listen to the country guys and they would be doing a Jimmy Reed song. They're playing the same lick. And Ray Charles, Little Milton, Guitar Junior, Lonnie Brooks, B.B. King — they all did country songs. Is Bob Wills country blues or jazz? And the answer is, it's American music. I'm tired of trying to pigeonhole everything. I want to bring it together; it comes from the same place."

When Jimmie Vaughan was a young teenager in Oak Cliff, Texas, his father told him to take guitar lessons if he wanted to really learn the instrument. But when Vaughan's teacher told the guitar student it wasn't going to work because the student "was too far gone" to learn from the lesson books, Jimmie knew he was on his own. Which was perfect for him, because the blues would be his teacher for life. For those who find themselves living inside this true American music, it becomes a way of life, something that provides a musical force to follow forever.

Vaughan became possessed by his instrument, and the blues songs played on the Black radio station in Dallas. It has been that way ever since: more than a half-century of playing the blues the guitarist hears in his head and feels in his heart. When something this strong takes over, there is no way out. Rather, it becomes a pursuit that goes deeper and deep inside.


Side A
1. The Pleasure's All Mine
2. Come Love
3. I’m Leaving It Up To You
4. Comin And Goin
5. Wheel Of Fortune

Side B
1. How Can You Be So Mean
2. Just A Little Bit
3. Lonely Weekends
4. I Miss You So
5. Rm Blues

Side C
1. Roll Roll Roll
2. Send Me Some Lovin
3. Why Why Why
4. She’s Got The Blues For Sale
5. Funny How Time Sleeps Away

Side D
1. I Aint Never
2. No Use Knocking
3. Teardrop Blues
4. I Hang My Head And Cry
5. It’s Been A Long Time

Side E
1. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
2. What Makes You So Tough
3. Greenbacks
4. I’m In The Mood For You
5. I Aint Gonna Do It No More

Side F
1. Cried Like A Baby
2. Oh, Oh, Oh
3. I’m A Love You
4. The Rains Came
5. Bad Bad Whiskey
6. Shake A Hand

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