Dedicated Audio - Cable Tower V2 Audio/Video Cable Support (set of 4)


Dedicated Audio



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System Enhancements

Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

Cable Tower V2 is the latest introduction to Dedicated Audio's outstanding patented cable support design offering incredible performance as well as appealing appearance.

Elevate your cables from the negative effects of carpeting and flooring. Superior to the unsightly utility based porcelain insulators or dia-cut foam, the Cable Tower V2 was specifically designed and engineered for audio/video performance enhancement. White paper tests results support it's superior properties.

Place the Cable Tower V2 under signal cables, speaker cables and power cables for improvements in clarity, detail and resolution.

Product Features:

  • Decrease Smear - Increase Resolution
  • Uninterrupted Cable Flux Field
  • Controls Resonance
  • Unequaled Performance Design
  • Low Contact Surface Area
  • Stable Four Point Design
  • Two Cable Support Capability
  • Extremely Low Dielectric Constant
  • Low Capacitance to Ground Test Results
  • Exceedingly Low Insertion Capacitance
  • Accepts Cables to 1.4" - 37mm
  • 4.5"/11.5cm Tall - 3.5"/9.0cm Wide
  • State of the Art CNC Machined Acrylic
  • Made in USA

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