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Recorded in January 1968, Free Form Patterns stands out in Hopkins' discography due to the unusual lineup on the sessions, with the veteran bluesman — fuelled by homemade moonshine — supported by a young, hip rhythm section, comprising Danny Thomas and Duke Davis from The 13th Floor Elevators (both high on acid at the time).

Free Form Patterns is no failed hippy/blues hybrid, however, just a straightforward, honest blues album with the great man backed by fans, who happened to be members of a legendary Psychedelic band. Its significance lies in how the music cut across the generation and racial boundaries within the segregated and repressive atmosphere of late 1960s Texas.


1. Baby Child (lead vocal Billy Bizor)
2. Cooking's Done
3. Fox Chase (lead vocal Billy Bizor)
4. Give Me Time To Think
5. Got Her Letter This Morning
6. Mini Skirt
7. Mr. Charlie
8. Mr. Ditta's Grocery Store
9. Rain Falling
10. Open Up Your Door

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