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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180-gram vinyl

Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

René Laflamme is again preparing something special! Here is the pressing by Quality Record Pressings of the first all Analog 2xHD Fidelio vinyl sampler with recording done on the Nagra IV-S or NagraT. In the high end audio world, audiophile sound engineer René Laflamme has carved out a reputation for definition of excellence. Manufacturers of audiophile equipment such as Nagra Audio, renowned D to A converter manufacturer dCS Ltd and high-end turntable manufacturers, Kronos Audio seek his expertise in representation and assistance in design.

Audiophile quality microphone designer and 8 times winner of "Best sound in show" at high-end audio equipment conventions, Laflamme uses his knowledge and unfailing instinct to match various audio components to create the best all-encompassing sound experience. The exclusive 2xHD system is the fruit of Laflamme's total experience and imagination.

Side A
1. Pink Panther – Henry Mancini, Jazz Ensemble
2. The Story of Sonny Boy Williamson - Sonny Boy Williamson
3. Greek Tycoon Bouzouki Music – Improvisation
4. Leaving – Ritchie Beirach, Fred Alarie Trio

Side B
1. Musicus Percussion Ensemble – Improvisation
2. Musicus Harp Solo – Improvisation
3. Katjar Percussion Ensemble – Improvisation
4. Esperance – Marie Saint Onge, Improvisation
5. Toccata And Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565 – J.S. Bach, Raymond Daveluy

Customer Reviews (4.71 Stars) 7 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 10/30/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: great
Good selection. Great test for your audio system. I played on a all vacuum tubes preamp and amp. It sounds amazing.

Transparent, dynamic, exceptional

posted on 01/27/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Yves
Hello From my first listening to this album, I immediately liked the dynamics, the transparency and of course the misical choice. This album is one of the top 10 in my collection. I’m sure VOL .2 will be impressive

One of the best recordings in 2019

posted on 01/23/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Edward
Extremely well recorded and great selection of songs. It's one of the best record I bought in 2019 !!!


posted on 01/23/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: David K
If you've never heard one of Rene's master recordings, you're doing yourself a disservice. This recording is simply mind blowing! Just buy it and be done. Will be the best purchase you will make this year!

Reply to previous comments

posted on 08/25/2019
5 Stars
Reviewer: Rene Laflamme
Hello, I am Rene Laflamme from 2xHD. Sorry that you got a defective copy. Please write to me at and I will replace it.

The album is Editor's Choice of the Month on HighFidelity magazine in Hong Kong.

Review: Zhong Yi was scared! Transient, dynamic, impact and fast and accurate low frequency response, all surprised me! This dynamic 2XHD selection of recordings, music details, each instrument, vocals are realistic, a must.

Fever Sound, Author: Chen Shuguang: .. the result is really shocking Hi Fi and the sense of presence. When I play this disc on the home EMT 927 disc, the effect is as true as the entire recording venue.. Your equipment system will face Great test. Each piece of the disc is humming for audition purposes. If you have never seen Fidelio's outstanding sound.. and the dynamic is amazing!

Audiophile, not! Great music though...

posted on 08/19/2019
3 Stars
Reviewer: Mike
Well, if this is an AP manufactured record then something must have gone wrong. Very high levels of surface noise, pops and other disturbing artifacts throughout every track. The levels of noise is so high that any enjoyment of the excellent recordings are gone. Some tape hiss etc is to be expected but not record generated noise like this. Excellent music, but audiophile, forget it! I cleaned it 5 times on an Audio desk system cleaner, no difference.

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