Anthony Wilson - Songs And Photographs

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180-gram vinyl with 48-page photobook

Anthony Wilson brings together a collection of his songs and 35mm photos

Vinyl pressed at RTI, book and packaging designed and printed in Germany

In his new album and photobook Songs and Photographs — made in creative collaboration with artbook publisher Little Steidl — Anthony Wilson brings together a collection of his songs and 35mm photographs that opens a new chapter in his broadening quest for personal and musical authenticity.

Most mornings when singer-songwriter Wilson is on tour, and around his hometown of Los Angeles, he's carrying a camera and visually recording the landscapes and cityscapes he comes across.

"I take pictures, recording my perceptions and observations onto the film, and, in this way, they become communicable and visible to another. This reportage has seeped naturally into my songwriting. In my notebook, I write down thoughts or verses that come to mind, also chronicling what I observe and experience. Lines from one place and time find their partners in lines from another place and time. Melodies appear, rhymes and meters coalesce, harmonies resolve themselves," he says.

Wilson's album converges his artistic works into a focused whole, in which the songs and photographs speak back and forth to each other.


Side One
The Palmist's Hand
While We Slept
Song from a Dream
Great Dream from Heaven
In Canton

Side Two
Songs and Photographs
Listening to My Heartbeat
Fear of Losing
Start Somewhere
Over the Sea

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