Canzoniere Del Lazio - Lassa Sta' La Me Creatura

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Limited edition 180-gram vinyl LP

More than 40 years after its publication, the album Lassa sta 'la me creatura continues to be systematically cited in the stories of Italian music related to the' 70s as a completely unique and innovative event in the music scene of those years.

The members of Canzoniere del Lazio, early promoters of the folk music revival promoted by the "New Italian Canzoniere," turned their aim on a new and different language: music sensitive to jazz, contemporary composition and pop-rock. They added electric guitars, bass, saxophones, drums and more. The pieces in Lassa sta 'la me creatura are all taken from repertoires of Italian musical folklore; they mark a transition toward transcultural musical writing that will characterize the production of the Canzoniere del Lazio in the years to come.

The qualitatively new effect is still quite perceptible in Lassa sta 'la me creatura: in the quality of vocal and instrumental sounds and timbres, in solitary and orchestral constructive solutions but above all in the unmistakable expressive power of execution.


Antidoto (alla tarantola)
Ncominciai a non ave piu bene in vita mia (da piccolo fanciullo)
Saltarello de la Tolfa
Su gravellu arrubiu (il garofano rosso)
Lu povero Antonuccio
Canti a mete di Barbarano

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