Maurice Abravanel - Mahler: Symphony of a Thousand


Classic Records (Vanguard)



Product No.:
CHDD 2001
UPC: 601704200194

HDAD 24/96 24/192

HDAD 24/96 24/132

Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

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200 Gram Vinyl Record

The Classic Hybrid DVD Audio Disc (HDAD) is a two-sided DVD disc with 24/192 PCM data playable on DVD Audio players on one side, and 24/96 PCM data playable on DVD Video players on the other side. The Classic HDAD is a truly universal DVD disc playable on all DVD players. So if you have a DVD video player, you can play the DVD Video side of the HDAD - insert the disc with the Blue center ring facing up and enjoy 24/96 playback resolution. On a DVD Audio player, simply flip the disc over with the Red ring facing up and enjoy 24/192 playback resolution.

Another TAS favorite recording of Mahler’s famous Symphony of a Thousand performed by the Utah Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maurice Abravanel. This single disc presents the symphony in its entirety with 24/192 data on side one, playable on DVD audio players and 24/96 data on side two playable on DVD video players.

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