Widespread Panic - Light Fuse, Get Away

Widespread Panic - Light Fuse, Get Away


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Limited edition 4LP box set

First time on vinyl!

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Light Fuse, Get Away, the first live album released by the Athens, GA, based band, Widespread Panic, documents the band's estimable onstage powers. It was first released by Capricorn Records on April 12, 1998. It would later be re-released in 2001 by Zomba Music Group.

The album was recorded over various concerts by the band in 1997. "Pickin' Up The Pieces" featured Branford Marsalis on saxophone and was recorded on September 7, 1997 in Boston.

"Picking up on longtime stage favorites and album tracks, all given the lengthy jam-infested treatment a live show affords the group, tracks like 'Diner,' 'Greta' 'Barstools & Dreamers' and 'Impossible/Jam' all clock in at over 10 minutes, with six others stretching over seven minutes. Branford Marsalis makes a stellar guest turn on 'Pickin' Up the Pieces,' but the real stars here are the group itself, running a decade's worth of material for audiences that can't get enough of it." — AllMusic

Side One:
1. Porch Song
2. Disco
3. Diner

Side Two:
1. Diner
2. Wondering
3. Love Tractor
4. Pilgrims

Side Three:
1. Space Wrangler
2. Travelin' Light
3. Pickin' Up The Pieces

Side Four:
1. Conrad
2. Papa Legba

Side Five:
1. Rebirtha
2. Rock

Side Six:
1. Greta
2. Barstools & Dreamers

Side Seven:
1. Impossible
2. Drums

Side Eight:
1. Gimme
2. Pigeons

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