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2001 album from the Nebraska rap-rock group

Newly remastered for vinyl! 150-gram pressing

Manufactured for pristine sound by Quality Record Pressings!

Featuring "You Wouldn't Believe," "I'll Be Here Awhile" and "Amber"

AllMusic says "Upon 311's vigorous return, vocalist S.A. Martinez declares, 'I'm on a new high with a pen and a pad, and for fun I attend a jam that's super bad.'

"Although the members of the Omaha-bred quintet aren't lyrical rocket scientists, these disciples of positivity have nonetheless re-emerged 'on a new high' with 'a jam that's super bad.' From Chaos astonishes and impresses with considerable energy and focus, proving itself as the album 311 has always been capable of making. With Tim Mahoney's razor-edged riffing and Nick Hexum and Martinez's super-charged vocals, their Volcano label debut rocks harder and rides smoother than each preceding effort.

Amid their signature hip-hop/heavy rock/reggae hybrid, 311 additionally blends surf guitar over jungle beats, merges punk guitar with dancehall, and introduces ska, à la Hexum's autobiographical 'I'll Be Here Awhile,' to their sonic repertoire. Tracks such as the carpe diem-inspired 'Wake Your Mind Up' and the boastful 'Sick Tight' prove the quintet hasn't forsaken their old-school formula, while the amorous 'Amber,' perhaps their most charming composition, exhibits a melodic versatility and musical ambition unlike many of their pigeonholed contemporaries."

Side 1
1. You Get Worked
2. Sick Tight
3. You Wouldn't Believe
4. Full Ride
5. From Chaos
6. I Told Myself

Side 2
1. Champagne
2. Hostile Apostle
3. Wake Your Mind Up
4. Amber
5. Uncalm
6. I'll Be Here While

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