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Questyle Audio - QP2R Digital Audio Player


Questyle Audio



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Portable DAP (Digital Audio Player)

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Portable DAP (Digital Audio Player)


People’s view on high-end audio has changed in the past few years. It seems a bit out-of-date just to sit in front of those heavy and complicated traditional audio systems in a fixed room. While what’s going on outdoors is really amazing. Fashionistas are now enjoying the high-end and lossless music by taking along a top-tier portable player and a pair of decent headphones. QP2R, a well-designed and fine-crafted high-end portable player with excellent performance, is from Questyle.

QP2R, the second generation of Questyle DAP, inherits Questyle’s quest and style. It keeps challenging the conventional concept by combining outstanding audio performance with unchanged size, doubled driving power with un-increased power consumption, fine craft with reasonable price, which is seemingly contradictory, but solved perfectly by Questyle.

Meanwhile,  Questyle sticks to their mission of taking audio performance and listening experience as their core values and achieving perfection in design and operation. In shot, QP2R has preserved and inherited the typical and professional genes of Questyle which are becoming perfect over time.

For the operating system, QP2R still uses Linux. Linux has the inherent advantages on performance and stability over Android.


On the QP2R PCB, audio section covers about 70% of the whole that is comparable to the engine in the super sport car. There is no doubt that all this is for the performance.

QP2R inherits Qustyle’s new design of Current Mode Amplifier built with all discrete circuit and pure Class A working state. Due to the full-balanced output, the amplifier circuits are upgraded to four groups from the original two, which is just like a car of two-wheel drive upgrades to four-wheel drive. Four groups of Current Mode Amplifier circuits are located on both front and back of the PCB, which significantly shortens the distance that signals bypass on the PCB. Thus the audio performance is improved, which gives QP2R 0.0005% ultra-low distortion and less than 0.1Ω output impedance.

Performance follow-up

Besides, based on Current Mode Amplifier, QP2R is the first portable DAP in the world which uses pure Class A BIAS control system.

Questyle Audio makes use of the Pure Class A BIAS Control System to ensure that Current Mode Amplifiers operate only in the state of pure Class A when driving different loads (headphones or speakers), especially heavy loads, which achieves perfect listening experience and outstanding technical performance,  which is like driving a super sport car, just imaging the car is set to “RACE” mode ( Sport Plus or Sport Response mode), and its engine is running at the ultra-high speed, and the rapid shift together with a strong grip is enough to conquer you and give you great satisfaction.


QP2R basically maintains the style of QP1R, the iF Industrial Design Award winner, and keeps the impressive design of tucked waist derived from a curvaceous woman's body. The curvilinear machining of Gorilla Glass for the front and rear panels of the player is extraordinarily demanding on CNC processing. QP2R uses a new patented technology of plane bearing on the mechanical steering wheel and the volume knob.The accuracy of this mechanical and electronic operation has a special attraction, and QP2R makes it more appealing.

The Type C port for charging and data transfer costs much to make a special equipment and a precise mold, and its inner bushing made of stainless steel is lustrous and scratch-proof.


The more complicated the world is, the more concise we are.

Just as a sport car stresses accurate shifting gears and a sense of ritual, or a SLR camera values rapid view of pictures among a huge number of files, most professional devices are mechanical and electronic control rather than touch screen operation.

QP2R uses a new patented technology of plane bearing on the mechanical steering wheel and the volume knob, which completely separates the electronic detecting and the sophisticated rotary bearings, thus the entire operation of the player becomes extremely accurate. The accuracy of this mechanical and electronic operation has a special attraction, and QP2R makes it more appealing.

There are over 30 components in the structure of mechanical steering wheel and the volume knob. Questyle’s engineers and Foxconn’ s R&D team have tested over hundred structures and  materials.  It takes over 14 months to develop and they apply for over 30 patents for technology. The accuracy of this mechanical and electronic operation has a special attraction, and QP2R makes it more appealing.


With Questyle’s patented technologies “True DSD” and “3X Clock Asynchronous Structure”, plus AKM flagship DAC chipset AK4490, QP2R can support up to True DSD 256 and PCM384/32Bit.


Customized battery of large capacity; More than 10 hours battery life Special chip used for accurate detection of battery level; 64GB internal memory and 200GB micro SD card for external enpansion, with more than ten thousands of high resolution in pocket.






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Substantial Upgrade over the QP1R

posted on 01/11/2018
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tom G
I've had the QP1R for about a year and liked the sound quality but was often a bit frustrated with the scroll wheel performance.

This week I finally received my new QP2R and I must say that it is a really nice improvement over the prior model. The sound quality is definitely improved, it boots a little more quickly, and the new scroll wheel is MUCH better than before. The new model is much easier to use than its predecessor and also sounds better. It's quite obvious that the new model's amplifier has more - and cleaner - power.

The QP2R does everything that the 1st gen player did, but it's easier to use and really does sound quite a bit better. Absolutely worth the upgrade.

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