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180 Gram Vinyl Record

180 Gram LP

Celebrating Nelson's 1990 multi-platinum debut masterpiece!

180-gram vinyl limited edition

Gatefold cover and autographed photo included

Matthew and Gunnar Nelson's debut smash LP "After The Rain" will always be looked upon as one of the finest rock albums ever to be released in the 1990's. Fueled by a huge No. 1 single with "(Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection," the twins of rock legend Ricky Nelson truly proved that the apple did not fall too far from the tree, as success followed the duo for more than two decades, making this LP and band synonymous with a sound and style uniquely their own.

After The Rain showcases their amazing talents and skills in the studio setting, with brilliant guitar and bass artistry, strong hard rock vocals and popular songwriting expertise. Featuring a treasure trove of AOR, Top 40 and MTV-era smash hits such as "More Than Ever", "Only Time Will Tell" and the stellar title track "After The Rain," Nelson truly delivered the goods with this fine debut album.


1-(Can’t Live Without Your) Love And Affection
2-I Can Hardly Wait
3-After The Rain
4-Tracy’s Song / Only Time Will Tell
5-More Than Ever

1-(It’s Just) Desire
2-Fill You Up
3-Interlude / Everywhere I Go
4-Bits And Pieces
5-Will You Love Me?

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