Andreas Rohde - Analog Pearls Vol. 2


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Hybrid Stereo SACD

Hybrid Stereo SACD

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For the second volume of Analog Pearls, Stockfisch Records played the two-track master tape on the same Telefunken M15A that Andreas Rohde's recordings from 1983 were mixed on. Then, our Meitner 1-bit DSD-Converter managed the leap into the digital age. Thus you can hear a native 1-bit DSD Layer on this SACD. Of course this SACD contains the special HYBRID-LAYER as well, so you can also listen to Analog Pearls Vol.2 on a regular CD player, as you can with every Stockfisch-SACD!

1. Busy As A Bee
2. Resonance
3. Mr. Coolman
4. Growin' Old
5. The Boomerang
6. Everytime You're Near
7. My Uncle Oswald
8. Third man Theme
9. The Time Has Come
10. Barracuda Bells

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