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140-gram vinyl reissue

Certified gold-selling release contains Zevon's biggest hits!

One of the most acute and savagely satiric songwriters of his era, Warren Zevon spent time working as the Everly Brothers' pianist and writing/working with/for artists Linda Ronstadt, the Turtles & Jackson Brown when not consumed by his own alcoholism.

Zevon was one of rock's great crazy men. When drinking — and in general pursuing oblivion the way Ahab did a certain white whale — Zevon was notorious for vomiting off interior balconies at staid record company meet-and-greets and much, much, worse, writes The Vinyl District.

Zevon was a bona fide lyrical and songwriting genius. His second and third LPs (1976's Warren Zevon and 1978's Excitable Boy) established him as the only lyricist of the era who could hold a candle to Randy Newman, and the sheer insanity of his songs — it's impossible to imagine anyone else writing about a walking headless mercenary seeking revenge on his killer, or a kid who builds a cage for himself from his girlfriend's bones — left the competition in the dust.

Side 1
Werewolves Of London
Play It All Night Long
Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
The Envoy
Mohammed's Radio
Desperados Under The Eaves

Side 2
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Lawyers, Guns And Money
Ain't That Pretty At All
Poor Poor Pitiful Me
Accidentally Like A Martyr
Looking For The Next Best Thing

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