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Ilya Itin/ Debussy - Preludes Book 2


Wave Kinetics Records



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DSD (Double Rate) 5.6MHz/128fs Download

DSD (Double Rate) 5.6MHz/128fs Download

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Total download size: 3.20GB Total play length: 37:04

Cover art and liner notes included

"This is a true world-class reference album, a modern classic in our own time. Those of you who have Quad DSD playback will definitely want to add this to your collection; you'll listen to it again and again. Debussy lovers, attend: Ilya Itin is a brilliant artist! And if you don't have Quad DSD playback capabilities yet, what the hell are you waiting for?! Given the proliferation of Quad DSD playback over the past several years, there is no excuse for you to live without this supreme audiophile reference format. These two album downloads all by themselves justify making an upgrade...but there are many more Quad DSD recordings available now, as well." — David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback, Issue 86

"Itin's is a rare and exciting artistry indeed...poised, pure, and ravishing in its range of colour, Itin's playing is a prime example of a superb technique put at the service of an inquiring and imaginative mind." (Daily Telegraph, London)

"I don't think I shall soon hear a greater performance of Debussy in my life." (Zsolt Bognar, "Living The Classical Life")


This is one of those rare releases that gives everything an audiophile dreams of... one of the greatest performances of our time captured at the highest possible resolution by a Grammy Award Winning production team.

A quote from the liner notes:

"Knowing we wanted to capture the performances in the highest possible resolution, for analog we decided to record to 30 I.P.S., ½ tape and simultaneously for digital, to Quad DSD (DSD256). Our intention at all times was to stay as true to the live performance as possible. There was no noise reduction, no limiting and no compression used at any time during this recording.

For production and engineering, bringing in Grammy Award winners Thom Moore, Rob Friedrich and Michael Bishop of Five/Four Productions seemed the logical thing to do. Ilya Itin is one of the most exciting pianists in the world today, and we wanted to make sure the recording was worthy of his performance."

Microphone: Sanken CO100 Microphone
Preamplifiers: UpState Audio Sonic Lens 20/20; Millenia Media HV-3D
Console: Millenia Mix Suite
Analog Recording System: ATR Services Ampex ATR-102 1/2" 2 Track 30 I.P.S.
Analog Tape: ATR Master Tape
Digital Recording System: Pyramix 11.2 DSD Recorder


Feuilles mortes
La Puerta del Vino
Les Fes sont d'exquises danseuses
General Lavine
La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune
Hommage a S Pickwick Esq
Les tierces alternees
Feux d'Artifice

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