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DSD (Double Rate) 5.6MHz/128fs Download

DSD (Double Rate) 5.6MHz/128fs Download

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Cover art and liner notes included

Georg Riedel was born in 1934 in Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia. He came to Sweden in 1938. He studied double bass at Borgarskolan and thereafter at the Academy of Music between 1953-59. Riedel began his career as a jazz musician with the Lasse Gullin group between 1955-67,  and often thereafter he entered in Arne Domnérus orchestra. For years he participated in the band during Harry Arnold and then in Radio Jazz Group.

The Music of Georg Riedel features compositions by this well known Swedish composer and double bass player. The tracks are performed by the Arne Domnérus Sextet - several members of which played with Riedel on the classic albums Jazz at the Pawnshop, Jazz at The Pawnshop - Late Night and As You Like.

This album was mastered using Naxo's 2xHD proprietary system. In order to achieve the most accurate reproduction of the original recording they tailor their process specifically for each project, using a selection from our pool of state-of-the-art audiophile components and connectors. The process begins with a transfer to analog from the original 24bits/96kHz resolution master, using cutting edge D/A converters. The analog signal is then sent through a hi-end tube pre-amplifier before being recorded directly in DXD using the dCS905 A/D and the dCS Vivaldi Clock. All connections used in the process are made of OCC silver cable.

DSD versions are separately generated, directly from the analog signal.

2xHD was created by producer/studio owner André Perry and audiophile sound engineer René Laflamme.

En strimma av trost: No. 1. Tidens Inalvor
En strimma av trost: No. 1. Kommentar
En strimma av trost: No. 3. Innanflor Dorren
En strimma av trost: No. 4. Perpetuum Mobile
En strimma av trost: No. 5. Endast Doendet
Mini-requiem: Charity
Mini-requiem: Medium Love
Mini-requiem: Choral
Skanelamusik: Prologue
Skanelamusik: Danslek
Skanelamusik: Skuld
Skanelamusik: Himlarnas Glans
Skanelamusik: Hotet
Skanelamusik: Atra
Skanelamusik: Epilogue

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