Eiji Oue - Stravinsky: The Rite Of Spring


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45 RPM Vinyl Record

Note: 180 Gram

45 RPM  

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180-gram 45 RPM LP plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Engineered Classical Recording!

This perennial audiophile favorite is one of Prof. Keith Johnson's all-time best recordings of the Minnesota Orchestra. When the CD was released, it received a Grammy nomination for Best Engineering, Classical. A wonderful and magical performance! Made all the more exceptional by plating and pressing on 200-gram audiophile vinyl at Quality Record Pressings!

Side 1
Adoration of the Earth

Side 2
The Sacrifice

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such promise, until the needle hits the groove

posted on 08/19/2021
1 Stars
Reviewer: scott baxter
I had such hopes, but this is a very noisy record. Far too many pops and audible grit throughout both disks. I always wash a brand new record, and re-washing made no difference. The record was put through a degritter cleaner and it made no difference. I bought a second lp set and it sounded just the same. This is wasted money. I have a near 40 year old Antal Dorati/London Symphony recording by London Digital and it is so much more quiet.

Apart from the abysmal surface, this 'read' of the score is rather more relaxed than I think it should be, but we're now talking about matters of taste. Overall, it's too languid, lacking attack on certain passages that should literally shock the listener. Both the Bernstein and Dorati led recordings do a better job in this respect.

Overall I'd say this is a very problematic recording that had superb potential, but that is squandered by the rash of artifacts scattered across the surface of both disks.

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