Enzo Pietropaoli - Dos: Elenora Bianchini/ In Sight

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180-gram, limited edition of 496 copies

The voice of Eleonora Bianchini and the double bass by Enzo Pietropaoli are back for fonè!

The artistic adventure of DOS goes on, after the successful experience of the debut album that marked the beginning of an artistic bond between the voice of Eleonora Bianchini and the double bass played by Enzo Pietropaoli.

DOS presents In Sight, an original glance at international pop songs (from Michael Jackson to Oasis), Italian classics (including Battiato, Battisti and Celentano) and previously unreleased songs, all connected in a journey along a gracefully homogeneous path. The voice of Eleonora Bianchini blends perfectly with the sonic taste of Enzo Pietropaoli, who is able to let his instrument "sing" in extraordinary ways. "Standard" recordings often tend to penalize the sound of double bass, whereas the recordings signed by fonè are able to emphasize the musicality of this instrument, making all upper harmonics perfectly audible, with a peculiar richness in timbre.

The recordings took place in a natural environment; in this case, the choice was the Auditorium Hall at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera, a location particularly appreciated by fonè's Giulio Cesare Ricci. The Auditorium is located in the factory where the first Vespas used to be assembled in the early 1900s: nowadays, it stands out for its truly excellent acoustics.

DOS 2 — In Sight is able to offer a special taste, giving a new flavor to all the songs included in the record, most of which are imprinted in the past of any of us.

Side 1
The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson
Se perdo te – Korda - Bardotti
Pajarillo Verde – Tradizionale
Un albero di trenta piani – Adriano Celentano
Hearts And Bones – Paul Simon
Wonderwall – Noel Gallagher

Side 2
Brava – Bruno California
Un verstido y un amor – Fito Paez
Perche no – Battisti-Mogol
Dove – Mattone – Morra
Halo – Knowles – Tedder – Bogart
L’Animale – Franco Battiato

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