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Please note: This is a 44kHz/16bit recording. Please see David Elias's mastering notes below for more information

Cover art and liner notes included

From David Elias on this recording:
"Why "Rare To Go - December Solstice"? I spent time over a long stretch of months listening to some of the tracks I'd recorded with friends that seemed to encapsulate a certain story I hadn't yet tried to tell in a record. It's my story about how a band works, creates, and plays together. There are rehearsals and recording sometimes, and shows at times, and no one ever really knows what is going to happen next. These are the essential times for me in music, first with the band and then later to revisit at leisure, all as nothing short of magical.

It's mostly about playing the songs and getting that playing right. This is a hard story to tell in these words. I think the story is better told in the notes recorded in the songs here. There's always some funny shit too which is sadly missing on most plastic discs or downloads out there.

As always Maholo for listening. Endless thanks to those who played and sang."

From David Elias on mastering theory and provenance:
"As I've written for a long time in published print, what I've always been about is good sound. I quote Roger Powell (Todd/Utopia, Meat Loaf, Bowie) a close friend for 20 years who helped me with my first CD home recording. His words then were: "If it sounds good, it is good".

DSD is a magic carpet for getting good sound onto "tape".  However the necessary ingredients before that are what are being called these days as "good provenance". It's again what I've always subscribed to: good mics, good engineers and good performance. Without those 3 things, it won't matter how it's recorded I don't think.

But if all of that is in place and captured on DSD or analog tape, then it can be turned into any media format you want and will sound good compared to anything and probably everything else in that same format. Maybe better than other recordings in "better" formats as well due to the provenance.

I've referred to DSD as the"magic sauce" after The Window was released and it is. That is present on this release as well -- Sonoma DSD recording, Sonoma DSD mixing/mastering. Then I mastered for CD from all of that to create the album."

Technical Notes:
"Hi” recorded to Sony TCD-8 DAT stereo from mixing board at Great American Music Hall, San Francisco.
“Help Yourself” recorded to Sony TCD-8 using stereo mic by David sitting by the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii.
The CasualTees band rehearsal tracks "Aspen Rose" and "Juanita" recorded to stereo with 2 room mics
on Alesis ML-9600 at 24/96.

All other tracks recorded to DSD on Sonoma at Slipperworld.net by Charlie Natzke.
DSD Analog Mixes by Charlie except “White and Blue” and “River of Dreams”
mixed by David on Sonoma w/ Sony DSD Mixer Card.

Mastered for CD release by David Elias at 16/44.1 using
Alesis ML-9600, Korg AudioGate 3.0.2, Audacity 2.1.0, and JRiver 20.0.131.
Arranged and Produced by David Elias

1. You Never Know
2. River of Dreams
3. White and Blue
4. Highway Man
5. Aspen Rose (rehearsal)
6. Silver Pen
7. Miracles Take Time
8. Juanita (rehearsal)
9. Hi (San Francisco Great American Music Hall)
10. Help Yourself (ukelele)

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posted on 01/24/2016
5 Stars
Reviewer: Dez Fretz
In my first listen to David Elias's new album, "Rare to Go" I was amazed by the sound quality which, on the opening tracks, is among the best I've heard from a CD.

The in-the-room realism of DE's earlier albums, 'Crossing' and 'The Window', is here on many tracks. Also the clarity of an audiophile reference recording. At its best there is that quality of "release" that I hear in many jazz records of the 50s and 60s -- uncompressed and unconstrained.

When I returned to it after a few weeks I got way into the music. The song sequence seems perfect -- unhurried, but always moving us along. We come and go. His words question and yearn, comment and soothe. His guitar is a second voice, allowing us to ponder but urging us forward.

Our grooving reverie is broken twice by what sound like bootleg recordings of the band in a goddam barn, with David well back, stage right, poorly miked. These rehearsals of "Aspen Rose" and "Juanita" are jarring but interesti

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