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Yoko And The Oh No's are three kids from Chicago — Max Goldstein on vocals, Max Loebman on guitar, and Stef Roti on drums — a raging trio fueled by Taco Bell, rock 'n' roll myths, and pilfered booze. It doesn't quite add up how kids this young (Max L. just graduated high school) managed to tap into a vibe this classic. The band's self-titled full-length debut, pressed on 180-gram vinyl by Quality Record Pressings, on the Autumn Tone label, is crammed with classic rock riffs, swinging beats, and up front, the sassy, done-up style of Max G. emoting loosely and widly like a young David Johansen fronting the New York Dolls, possessing a crooner's voice and a taste for style.

Dolled up in flashy get-ups, Max G.'s voice is a growly, beefy thing, a rangy tenor that belies his taste for soul shouters. The prevailing mood in modern indie garage rock is one of stylistic indifference, but that's not how Yoko & the Oh No's come across; these kiddos don't just care, they care a lot. Listen to the crashing classic rock chorus of "Heart Attack," the sneering "She Knows It," and the distorted R&B groove of "Nobody Wants to Know." "Talking over radio/on the moonlit drive/We listen to VU/Jane says close your eyes."

1. She Knows It
2. She Ain’t Mine
3. Love U
4. Movin’ On
5. Heart Attack
6. Nobody Wants To Know
7. Little Girl
8. Lone Wolf
9. In Pieces
10. Who’d Stop Me

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