Grado - Statement 1 (.5mv)

 (Demo Unit)




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"This cartridge is awesome. It was the first time I've actually set everything up myself. It took me a little while, but the Feickert protractor was a big help…I have never heard such detail, hard deep bass, vocals right there in your face and the soundstage – WOW. I thought the Master was good on soundstaging, this cartridge is so three dimensional that I couldn't believe my ears…this cartridge just kept opening up. Thank you for your recommendation on this thing, I am so happy with this purchase." – Ted Danowski, Acoustic Sounds customer

The best Grado ever built and one of the finest sounding cartridges of any type. With all of the Grado hallmarks but taken to "Ultimate" level. Lightning fast transients and moving-coil-like high frequency extension coupled with full but agile bass and incomparable weight and body make this cartridge something special. Its ability to flesh out instrumental texture and detail is up there with the very best cartridges costing many times more than The Statement, in all a remarkable achievement. Available only in a .5mv output level.

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