Jerome Sabbagh - Plugged In

 (Featuring Jozef Dumoulin)


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"It's hard to believe Plugged In isn't the work of an established group that has honed this music extensively." — Mike Shanley,

The simple act of "plugging in" is easy to take for granted, but it provides power, illumination, charge; the same could be said for connecting a power cord or for the meeting of creative minds. On Plugged In, his fifth album as a leader, French-born, Brooklyn-based saxophonist Jerome Sabbagh discovers the spark of inspiration provided by both, assembling an exhilarating electric quartet and collaborating with the jaw-dropping Belgian keyboardist Jozef Dumoulin.

The result is an album that is all about electrifying connections — that between Sabbagh and Dumoulin, the intense grooves forged by Martinique-born bassist Patrice Blanchard and American drummer Rudy Royston, the conjunction of the electric and the lyrical, the raw edge of rock girding the sophisticated communication of jazz.

Sabbagh first encountered the keyboardist on record, knowing as soon as he heard Dumoulin's unique approach that he wanted to work with him. "I heard something really pure in Jozef's playing that I connected with," Sabbagh recalls.

Dumoulin's solo on the album's perpetual-motion opener, "Drive," highlights exactly why Sabbagh became so enamored of the Paris-based keyboardist. His ferocious howl approaches the overdriven force of an electrict guitar, a sound that has inspired the saxophonist in the past.

Plugged In is a powerfully cohesive album comprising 14 diverse pieces. Seven are Sabbagh's compositions mixed with seven by Dumoulin. All but one of them last less than six minutes and they set a mood or present an engaging melody in a manner that feels complete even when the track ends with little or no improvising.

1. Drive
2. Special K
3. Aisha
4. Jeli
5. Ronny
6. Walk 6
7. Ur
8. Minor
9. Rider
10. Boulevard Carnot
11. City Dawn
12. Walk 3 bis
13. Kasbah
14. Slow Rock Ballad

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