Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always Era

 (30th Anniversary Limited Edition LP + 3 12" EPs)





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Vinyl Box Sets

No. of Discs: 4
Note: 180 Gram


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30th anniversary edition of the 1985 classic debut LP

Original album cut from the original production masters

4LP 180-gram viny set; original album plus three LPs of era B-sides

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band’s debut album, First and Last and Always — a fantastic four-LP vinyl boxset — compiles the initial 1984-85 WEA period when The Sisters Of Mercy were arguably at their best.

The boxset features the original album, cut from the original production masters, as well as three additional LPs of B-sides from the era, all on 180-gram black vinyl packaged together in a card slipcase.

Featuring "Black Planet," "Body And Soul," "Walk Away," "Afterhours" and "Body Electric"

LP 1: First And Last And Always
Side 1
1. Black Planet
2. Walk Away
3. No Time To Cry
4. A Rock And A Hard Place
5. Marian (Version)
Side 2
6. First And Last And Always
7. Possession
8. Nine While Nine
9. Logic
10. Some Kind Of Stanger

LP 2: Body And Soul
Side 1
1. Body And Soul
2. Body Electric
Side 2
3. Train
4. Afterhours

LP 3: Walk Away
Side 1
1. Walk Away
Side 2
2. Poison Door
3. On The Wire

LP 4: No Time To Cry
Side 1
1. No Time To Cry
Side 2
2. Blood Money
3. Bury Me Deep

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