Atmosphere - Southsiders

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Sorry, drama lovers, but "Kanye West," from Atmosphere's eighth album, isn't a diss track. Rather, it finds rapper Slug—one of hip-hop's most beloved journeymen—reflecting on love, life, and parenthood. So it goes on Southsiders, an album that boldly grabs hold of hip-hop's third rail: getting old. "Gotta be a model civilian/And get your name printed on a bottle of pills and/Spill your guts into a Dixie Cup," Slug raps on "The World Might Not Live Through the Night." He may be a decade removed from the vanguard Atmosphere once occupied, but he remains an incisive lyricist, and his grown-man reflections still pack a punch. So do the boom-bap beats by longtime producer Ant, as reliable as an old Chevy. Fatherhood and family life have transformed Slug, but he reminds us some thing never change: "Been a few years since the last cigarette/But if you put your finger inside the flask, it's still wet."

1. Camera Thief
2. Arthur's Song
3. The World Might Not Live Through The Night
4. Star Shaped Heart
5. I Love You Like A Brother
6. Southsiders
7. Bitter
8. Mrs. Interpret
9. Fortunate
10. Kanye West
11. We Ain't Gonna Die Today
12. My Lady Got Two Men
13. Flicker
14. January On Lake Street
15. Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now
16. She Don't Know Why She Love It (Bonus Track)
17. Hell (Bonus Track)
18. I Don't Need No Fancy Shit (Bonus Track)
19. Idiot (Bonus Track)
20. Prelude to Hell (Bonus Track)

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