New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - Zhou Long - Chen Yi: Symphony, 'Humen 1839'

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Widely regarded as one of China’s leading composers, Pulitzer Prize-winning Zhou Long writes music which is consistently compelling. The Rhyme of Taigu revives the spirit of Chinese court music from the Tang dynasty (618–907 AD), drawing on traditional percussion instruments. Symphony ‘Humen 1839’, co-composed with Chen Yi, vividly commemorates the public burning of over 1000 tonnes of opium, an event that was to lead to the First Opium War between Great Britain and China.

1. The Rhyme of Taigu
2. Symphony, Humen 1839: I. Andante luminoso
3. Symphony, Humen 1839: II. Allegro feroce
4. Symphony, Humen 1839: III. Adagio tragico
5. Symphony, Humen 1839: IV. Allegro trascinante
6. The Enlightened

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