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FLAC 176kHz/24bit Download

FLAC 176kHz/24bit Download

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Cover art and liner notes included

A live album from 1984 featuring drummer Eddie Graham and his trio, recorded at Mario's in Palm Desert, California. Renowned for its superb sound quality, typical of Wilson Audiophile releases, this album of swinging standards has been hard to find for several years.

Technical Notes:
Description of equipment and processes used for Master Tape transfers in Dave Wilson's Music Room:

Bruce Brown flew from Seattle to Provo to work hand-in-hand with Dave and Daryl Wilson. Each Master Tape was inspected, cleaned, and treated with Last #9 and #10 preservatives. All of the Master Tapes were baked to reformulate the binding. This was done in an incubator at 135 degrees and then they were left to cool back !down to room temperature. All splices were inspected and repaired, if necessary.

Each transfer was executed on the UltraMaster, a one-of-a-kind Studer A80 designed and built by John Curl with Custom electronics.

Each Master Tape was stored by Wilson Audiophile “tails-out” in which Puget Sound Studios did a library wind to the take-up reel. All levels were set according to included EQ sheets and each 1KHz tone was further set at precisely 1KHz, via a custom Vari-speed adjustment. This provided the exact speed the Master Tapes were recorded at.

A total of five different Analog-to-Digital converters were used to provide samples for the Wilsons to evaluate. Ultimately an EMM Labs ADC-8 Mk IV, custom modified by Andreas Koch, was chosen by Dave and Daryl Wilson for the transfers from the UltraMaster using the original Master Tapes into a Sonoma DSD !workstation for capture and editing. Monitoring from the Sonoma DSD workstation was routed though a modified Playback Designs MPS-5 via USB-X with Light Harmonic USB !cable. All DSD files were transferred into a Merging Technologies Pyramix DSD/DXD Masscore workstation for sample rate conversion, format conversion, and meta-data tagging. The Pyramix Hepta filter was used for conversion to PCM. Files were then listened to for quality assurance.

1. 'S Wonderful
2. Cherokee
3. That Old Feeling
4. You Are Too Beautiful
5. Bali Hai
6. Jitterbug Waltz
7. You've Changed

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