Grace Jones - Disco

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Grace Jones' Disco on Blu-ray Pure Audio Disc

True High-Resolution 24bit/96k audiophile stereo sound

Audio mastered from the original tapes, delivered in three formats: DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD, or PCM

Includes download code for hi-res 96/24 WAV Files!

Universal Music Group has gone back to the original master tapes to deliver fully uncompressed, high-resolution versions of many of your favorite albums. Mastered at 24bit/96k, the label's Blu-Ray Pure Audio Discs deliver the sound the artists heard in the studio when these classic albums were recorded.

Disco contains newly remastered versions of Jones' first three Island Records albums, namely Portfolio (1977), Fame (1978) and Muse (1979). What's so good about the Blu-ray is that for once the large capacity of the format is being utilised and this contains the entire 43 tracks in the CD box - including all 21 bonus tracks - all in glorious hi-res stereo.

And the generosity doesn't stop there. The download code offers hi-res WAV files instead of the usual MP3s. Thus, at 43 tracks, the download comes in at a whopping 7.1 gigs of data! You're getting three Grace Jones albums, 21 bonus tracks (mostly remixes) on physical hi-res AND a hi-res download. An incredible value!

1. Send In The Clowns
2. What I Did For Love
3. Tomorrow
4. La Vie En Rose
5. Sorry
6. That’s The Trouble
7. I Need A Man
8. Sorry/Disco Mix
9. That’s The Trouble/Disco Mix
10. I Need A Man/Disco Mix
11. I Need A Man/Instrumental Disco Mix
12. Sorry/Instrumental Version
13. That’s The Trouble/Instrumental Version
14. La Vie En Rose/Instrumental Version

1. Do Or Die
2. Pride
3. Fame
4. Autumn Leaves
5. All On A Summers Night
6. Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In New York City
7. Below The Belt
8. Do Or Die/12” Disco Verion
9. Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole/12” Disco Version
10. Anema E Core/Long Version
11. Do Or Die/Instrumental Version
12. Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole/Instrumental Version
13. Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In New York City/Instrumental Version
14. Anema E Core/Instrumental Version

15. Sinning
16. Repentance (Forgive Me)
17. Saved
18. Atlantic City Gambler
19. I’ll Find My Way To You
20. Don’t Mess With The Messer
21. On Your Knees
22. Don’t Mess With The Messer/12” Version
23. La Vie En Rose/7” Version
24. Do Or Die/7” Version
25. Comme Un Oiseau Qui S’Envole/7” Version
26. Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In New York City/7” Version
27. On Your Knees/7” Edit
28. Don’t Mess With The Messer/7” Edit

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