The Beach Boys - Keep An Eye On Summer: The Beach Boys Sessions 1964





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"'Get ready to wail, Carl, right on the beat,' says a producer at the beginning of seven minutes of rough tracks for 'Fun, Fun Fun' that kick off Keep an Eye on Summer, a double-disc collection released to preserve copyrights on recordings the Beach Boys made in 1964. Released at the end of 2014, just as the clock was running out for these recordings, this is a clearinghouse of stereo mixes, a cappella versions, session highlights, alternate takes, and a few live cuts -- a jumble that tacitly underscores just how much the vaults have been mined on previous reissues. Then again, unlike such previous excavations, like 2001's Hawthorne, CA: Birthplace of a Musical Legacy, this doesn't attempt to make sense of the mess; it just presents it all, so it's ripe for cherry-picking. There are some nice things scattered all the way through -- the chatter is often fun, there are some neat subtle differences, the live stuff generally crackles despite the muted audio -- but there's no question this is for serious fans or perhaps even scholars, whatever kind of fan that can easily spot such minutia." — AllMusic

1. Fun, Fun, Fun
2. Fun, Fun, Fun
3. Fun, Fun, Fun
4. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
5. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
6. Don't Worry Baby
7. Don't Worry Baby
8. In The Parkin' Lot
9. Warmth Of The Sun
10. Warmth Of The Sun
11. Pom Pom Play Girl
12. Pom Pom Play Girl
13. Denny's Drums
14. Keep An Eye On Summer
15. Endless Sleep
16. I Get Around
17. I Get Around
18. All Summer Long
19. All Summer Long
20. All Summer Long
21. Hushabye
22. Girls On The Beach
23. Wendy
24. Don't Back Down
25. Little Saint Nick (Drive In)
26. Untitled Jam / Let's Live Before We Die
27. Little Honda
28. Little Honda
29. She Knows Me Too Well
30. She Knows Me Too Well
31. Don't Hurt My Little Sister
32. Christmas Eve
33. Jingle Bells
34. When I Grow Up
35. Fun, Fun, Fun
36. I Get Around
37. I'm So Young
38. All Dressed Up For School
39. Dance Dance Dance
40. Dance Dance Dance
41. Dance Dance Dance
42. I Get Around
43. The Little Old Lady From Pasadena
44. Graduation Day
45. Surfin' USA
46. Johnny B. Goode

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Fun, Fun, Fun

posted on 02/26/2015
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jim B.
True, this is for die hard fans. But Shut Down Vol. II multi-tracks were thought to be missing for years till they turned up one day and we got remixed versions of Don't Worry Baby, Why Do Fools Fall In Love, and The Warmth of the Sun. But...To finally have a stereo version of Fun, Fun, Fun in the single length is worth the money. I was afraid since this wasn't released with the others that this spool was not to be found. So now we have an almost completely remixed album minus This Car Of Mine and IT IS GREAT.

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