Moreland & Arbuckle - 17th Annual Blues Masters at the Crossroads

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DSD Multichannel 2.8MHz/64fs Download

DSD Multichannel 2.8MHz/64fs Download

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Total download size: 8.40GB Total play length: 1:45:58

The first live blues concert recorded entirely in high-res DSD!

Lifelike resolution sounds like front-row VIP concert seating!

Cover art and liner notes included

Please note the file size above. Be aware this is a large file that includes performances in both stereo and multichannel DSD format!

Blues Masters at the Crossroads. Produced by Acoustic Sounds, a global audience returns year-after-year to worship the blues at Blue Heaven Studios in Salina, Kansas. For the first time we're presenting six sets recorded live in 2014 at Blues Masters at the Crossroads Oct. 17-18. And it's the first live blues concert recorded entirely in Direct Stream Digital (DSD) - and available for the first time as a multichannel DSD download!

Aaron Moreland and Dustin Arbuckle are Kansas homeboys. They describe themselves as "Roots Rock from the Heartland" and boy, do they deliver! The pair, from Wichita, came back to play Blues Masters 2014 and they tore it up with their new drummer. One leg deep in blues mud and the other in jam band rhythms, they crushed musical genres at the old church.

Singer and harp man Dustin Arbuckle first met guitarist Aaron Moreland at an open mic jam in Wichita in 2001. Since, they've been honing a relentless and haunting sound that merges Delta blues, folk, rock, traditional country and soul. The duo is actually most often booked as a three-piece, with new drummer Kendall Newby holding it down. Arbuckle takes the vocals and brings a throw-back-styled, rich-toned harmonica. Moreland plays all kinds of guitars, including a handcrafted cigar box model.

The band made their way through 10 songs in this set - six of them their own, including the raw, garage blues opening track "Quivira" on their 2013 album for Telarc, 7 Cities. These bearded men offer up a range from sensitive - "Wrong I Do," "Red Moon" - to raucous - "Juke," and "The Legend of John Henry." They can't hold back and soon rip up the stage, blowing the reeds out of the harp and popping strings on the guitar. Touring with George Thorogood, ZZ Top, and Los Lonely Boys, they clearly learned how to make noise and have a rocking good time!


1. Wrong I Do
2. Red Moon Rising
3. Can't Leave Well Enough Alone
4. Don't Wake Me
5. Quivira
6. Mount Comfort
7. 18 Counties
8. Juke
9. Mona
10. Legend of John Henry

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