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140 / 150 Gram Vinyl Record

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150-gram LP plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Audio completely mixed and re-mastered under the direction of Jimi’s long time sound engineer, Eddie Kramer

Includes the previously unreleased 1966 recording, “Station Break”

Includes dialogue between Hendrix and producer Ed Chalpin

Best known as the bandleader with whom Jimi Hendrix developed his skills, Curtis Knight moved to California from Kansas in the '50s. He relocated again to New York in the '60s after appearing in the film "Pop Girl." While leading the Squires he and Hendrix joined forces in 1965. Though Hendrix wasn't in the group very long, he was featured on over 60 songs, 26 studio and 35 live recordings.

This special compilation presents Hendrix's 1965-1967 sessions with Curtis Knight & The Squires prior to his
international fame leading the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Although Jimi Hendrix's intermittent tenure as a guitarist for Curtis Knight & The Squires in 1965 and 1966 was relatively brief, more than 100 albums have been crafted from approximately forty studio recordings and consumer grade stage recordings by the group. Most featured low fidelity variations, remixes, edited versions, and instrumentals of the same material — often with their song titles changed.

These albums were poorly annotated and all too often featured cover art that depicted the guitarist at the peak of his Jimi Hendrix Experience fame (and not as ‘Jimmy Hendrix,' a sideman to Curtis Knight) and thus snared unwitting fans throughout the world that were starved for new Hendrix music for decades. Jimi Hendrix was hamstrung throughout his career by litigation over these recordings in the US and UK and these fights continued until his family ultimately prevailed in litigation. You Can't Use My Name stands as their first attempt to present this music in its original context.

You Can't Use My Name is newly mixed and prepared for release by Eddie Kramer and includes the previously unreleased 1966 recording "Station Break," the full length versions of "Knock Yourself Out [Flying On Instruments]," "No Such Animal," and the 1967 recording of "Gloomy Monday" that includes dialogue between Hendrix and producer Ed Chalpin (featuring the guitarist's request that the producer not use his name on this session because of the ongoing litigation between them).

Side 1
1. How Would You Feel
2. Gotta Have a New Dress
3. Don’t Accuse Me
4. Fool for You Baby
5. No Such Animal
6. You Don’t Want Me

Side 2
7. Welcome Home
8. Knock Yourself Out (Flying on Instruments)
9. Strange Things
10. Station Break
11. You Can't Use My Name/Gloomy Monday

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