Elvis Costello - Extreme Honey: The Very Best Of The Warner Bros. Years

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Available on vinyl for the first time!

The very best of the Warner Bros. years!

180-gram double LP includes insert!

Extreme Honey: The Very Best of Warner Brothers Years (1997) is a compilation album by Elvis Costello, spanning the years 1989-1997. This double album is a good way to become acquainted with Costello's '90s output. There are a number of hits and singles ("Veronica," "So Like Candy," "Sulky Girl," "13 Steps Lead Down," "The Other Side of Summer"), spiced up by album tracks from the same period.

There are a number of great moments here, whether it's the lilting "The Birds Will Still Be Singing" from the underrated Juliet Letters or the New Orleans-inflected "Deep Dark Truthful Mirror." Extreme Honey also contains "My Dark Life," Costello's collaboration with Brian Eno (originally featured on The X-Files soundtrack), and the new track "The Bridge I Burned," a neo-psychedelic/trip-hop number constructed from backing tapes recorded with his son and Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey.

This essential Elvis Costello compilation is available on vinyl for the first time!

Side A
1. The Bridge I Burned
2. Veronica
3. Sulky Girl
4. So Like Candy

Side B
1. 13 Steps Lead Down
2. All This Useless Beauty
3. My Dark Life
4. The Other Side Of Summer
5. Kinder Murder

Side C
1. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
2. Hurry Down Doomsday
3. Poor Fractured Atlas
4. The Birds Will Still Be Singing
5. London’s Brilliant Parade

Side D
1. Tramp The Dirt Down
2. Couldn’t Call It Unexpected No. 4
3. I Want To Vanish
4. All The Rage

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