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Paris Conservatoire Orchestra
Even the loveliest and lengthiest opera would seem so incomplete without an overture, like a male model without his socks. The other way round is no problem, though ideally the overture music should already contain the musical synopsis which later unfolds pleasurably into the arias and choruses. Of the six instrumental powerhouses heard here, three have their origin in the French opera comique tradition and the three others originate in the colourful musical life of the Austrian monarchy, and all are given the full limelight here by Albert Wolff and the orchestra of the Paris Conservatoire.

One is amazed at the way in which the maestro’s brisk pace still allows the listener to sample the subtleties which otherwise tend all too often to be subsumed into the sweet array of melodies. Served up with a good eye and a light touch, the more calmly flowing passages also unfold their full, fragrant aroma of chamber-music style clarity.

A delicate titbit and at the same time a listening tip: Reznicek’s Donna Diana overture. This piquant piece – which is not terribly easy to get hold of in digital form– enjoys a rarity value on vinyl and without doubt belongs in this repertoire.

1. Si j'etais roi
2. Le Domino Noir
3. Zampa
4. Donna Diana
5. Pique Dame
6. The Merry Wives Of Windsor

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