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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP  

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180-gram gatefold double LP

Plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings!

Deluxe Vinyl Edition features one disc with the original album and a second disc of solo recordings of the same songs

10 brand-new compositions, some with a 92-piece orchestra, choir and Young; some with a 60-piece orchestra and three with a Big Band.

"With Al Schmitt supervising (Niko Bolas and Chandler Harrold engineered at Capitol Studios, Bolas and Steve Genewick at the other venues), and the late great Doug Sax and Eric Boulanger cutting lacquers (Boulanger will continue cutting at The Mastering Lab), how do you think this sounds? You would be correct! The orchestral spread is richly and delicately portrayed on a wide and deep virtual soundstage. Dynamics are full-bodied and Young, placed front and center in three-dimensions is not hobbled by obvious electronic processing or added reverb. On a top analog front end you can feel his breath pulsing on the microphone diaphragm." — Music = 9/11; Sound = 11/11 — Michael Fremer, Read the whole review here.

"A big, sloppy valentine to new love, cars, and the Earth, delivered in two parts: one with an orchestra, one solo acoustic." — AllMusic

Neil Young's Storytone has 10 brand new compositions recorded live in the studio with a 92-piece orchestra, choir and Young. He took a different approach with this record, recording the songs on his own, in a solo-setting to creating compelling versions of the songs in a new light, resulting in a deeply-personal emotional listening experience throughout the new record.

Featuring the single "Who's Gonna Stand Up," an environmental activism anthem calling out polluters and extractors and calling on mankind to live more harmoniously in nature. While the orchestral Storytone marks the first time Young has never played guitar or piano on his own LP, the deluxe version of the album will also feature all 10 tracks performed by Young solo. Young and Niko Bolas produced Storytone under their alias the Volume Dealers, and Michael Bearden and Chris Walden arranged and conducted the orchestra.

Read Rolling Stone's report how Storytone came to life here



Ratings from Michael Fremer @

1. Plastic Flowers
2. Who’s Gonna Stand UP?
3. I Want to Drive My Car
4. Glimmer
5. Say Hello to Chicago
6. Tumbleweed
7. Like You Used to Do
8. I’m Glad I Found You
9. When I Watch You Sleeping
10. All Those Dreams

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