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Ingrid Fliter - Chopin: Preludes





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Gramophone Recording of the Month: "Ingrid Fliter seems to be able to achieve individuality seemingly effortlessly, with cherishable and memorable results. She is a virtuoso of the first order but she holds this in reserve, so when she does unleash her full technical armory, it's extraordinarily potent. A gem of a disc."

"Lyrical gifts are manifest throughout a gorgeous disc... " — The Telegraph

Award-winning pianist Ingrid Fliter performs Chopin's Op.28, a poetic collection of great emotional power and unrivalled artistic quality which demands high virtuosity.

Side 1
Op. 28: No. 1 in C Major (Agitato)
Op. 28: No. 2 in A Minor (Lento)
Op. 28: No. 3 in G Major (Vivace)
Op. 28: No. 4 in E Minor (Largo)
Op. 28: No. 5 in D Major (Molto allegro)
Op. 28: No. 6 in B Minor (Lento assai)
Op. 28: No. 7 in A Major (Andantino)
Op. 28: No. 8 in F sharp Minor (Molto agitato)
Op. 28: No. 9 in E Major (Largo)
Op. 28: No. 10 in C sharp Minor (Molto allegro)
Op. 28: No. 11 in B Major (Vivace)
Op. 28: No. 12 in G sharp Minor (Presto)
Op. 28: No. 13 in F sharp Major (Lento)
Op. 28: No. 14 in E flat Minor (Allegro)

Side 2
Op. 28: No. 15 in D flat Major ‘Raindrop’ (Sostenuto)
Op. 28: No. 16 in B flat Minor (Presto con fuoco)
Op. 28: No. 17 in A flat Major (Allegretto)
Op. 28: No. 18 in F Minor (Molto allegro)
Op. 28: No. 19 in E flat Major (Vivace
Op. 28: No. 20 in C Minor (Largo)
Op. 28: No. 21 in B flat Major (Cantabile)
Op. 28: No. 22 in G Minor (Molto agitato)
Op. 28: No. 23 in F Major (Moderato)
Op. 28: No. 24 in D Minor (Allegro appassionato)

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