That's right: It's time for Round Two of the Ultimate Warehouse Find. Remember our story about the massive 30,000-LP find? All sealed, all pre-1982, all pre-digital, all pre-bar code? A few months ago we told you about 1,200+ sealed soundtracks from that collection. Well, this is our second offering - more than 400 sealed jazz titles from that same collection. We're talking sealed Verves, sealed Impulses, etc., etc. Like we've said: These should not be available SEALED in 2008 - not so many of them. And yet they are. Dig in!
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Mabel Mercer - Merely Marvelous -  Sealed Out-of-Print Vinyl Record

Mabel Mercer / Merely Marvelous

PATL 1322-S $40.00

Count Basie - Half A Sixpence -  Sealed Out-of-Print Vinyl Record

Count Basie / Half A Sixpence

PDOT 25834-S $35.00

Manny Albam - The Soul Of The City -  Sealed Out-of-Print Vinyl Record

Manny Albam / The Soul Of The City

PSOL 17009-S $25.00

Gene Shaw - Carnival Sketches -  Sealed Out-of-Print Vinyl Record

Gene Shaw / Carnival Sketches

PARG LP743-S $40.00

Shelly Manne - Daktari -  Sealed Out-of-Print Vinyl Record

Shelly Manne / Daktari

PATL SD8157-S $30.00

Viewing 1 - 20 of 205 Products
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