Order Policy - Acoustic Sounds, Inc.
Acoustic Sounds requires a $50 minimum order for non-continental U.S. customers including those in Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

   Domestic orders are generally processed the same day if received by 3:00pm (CST). International orders, please allow 1-2 days for processing. We are closed Sundays. All orders received after 3:00pm (CST) on Fridays, will be processed on the next Monday.
  • By Web:
    Add the items to your "cart" and complete the order form.
  • By Phone:
    To ensure fast and efficient service, please have the item numbers ready. We recommend that you fill out the order form with the complete item numbers. Please be sure your order is complete at the time you place it, to ensure it goes out the same day. We send orders to the warehouse as soon as they are placed, therefore, no changes can be made or items added. Have your Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express card handy. Then call us toll-free at 1-888-9-ANALOG (26-2564) (U.S.only).
  • By Mail:
    Please supply all of the information requested on the order form. We will accept payment by bank draft (no Eurocheques), money order, personal check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express (we must have the credit card expiration date).
  • By Fax:
    Fill out the order form just as if you were mailing it, then fax it to (785) 825-0156, 24 hours a day. Your fax order is considered an original order, please do not send a confirmation by mail. We cannot be responsible for duplicate orders.

Sales tax
Only orders that are shipped to addresses in Kansas are subject to state sales tax.

Shipping Methods & Rates
   Domestic orders generally processed same day if received by 3:00pm CST! International orders, please allow 1-2 days for processing.

Please note that shipping cost estimations are given only when requested to expediate the shipping process.
  • Continental U.S.: FedEx Ground charge is $7.45 for any size order. * FedEx Second-Day charge is $23.95 for any size order.
  • Alaska and Hawaii: Standard shipping for Alaska and Hawaii is FedEx. Charges for all shipping methods are based on actual weight.

  • Canada: Brokerage fees are NOT included in shipping costs. Duties and taxes to be paid by receiver.

  • Overseas: We always recommend UPS as it is faster and safer than Airmail and are able to track your package through UPS. We will ship through the United States Postal Service at your request. Please understand that shipping overseas through USPS can take up to four weeks. Also, we cannot track orders through USPS, and in the event that an order is lost, we cannot start a claim for 90 days with an additional four weeks for processing. Duties and taxes to be paid by receiver. Customers who refuse or abandon shipments will be charged all fees that Acoustic Sounds has incurred to retrieve your package.

  • We will ship according to your preference, but if you do not specify a shipping method, we will choose the method we feel is best as outlined in the above paragraph. Regarding insurance, if you request a lowered insured value, we can only be responsible for that lowered amount. Please note: Acoustic Sounds will not understate (lower value) the declared value of any international order. Doing so is unlawful. All orders will be sent at full value.
Plus, if you order:
$250 to $499  Receive free postage (for continental U.S. by FedEx Ground). *
$500 to $749  Receive 5% discount, plus free postage (for continental U.S. by FedEx Ground). Or $5.00 off Overseas postage. *
$750 to $999  Receive 7% discount, plus free postage (for continental U.S. by FedEx Ground). Or $5.00 off Overseas postage. *
$1000 or more  Receive 10% discount, plus free postage (for continental U.S. by FedEx Ground). Or $10.00 off Overseas postage. *
* Some equipment items will not be eligible for discount. 

Payment Methods Accepted

Credit Card
   We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards. We also accept PayPal, Money Orders and Personal/Company Checks.

Check or Money Order
   Select the "Check" or "Money Order" option as the payment method. Once the order is received, you will receive a confirmation with the Order total and instructions for sending payment. Please include Order Number on your Check or Money Order. International Customers, please pay with a bank draft, denominated in U.S. dollars and payable on a major U.S. bank. Orders will be held for up to 10 days for check to clear.

   Send your payment to:

   Acoustic Sounds, Inc.
   P.O. Box 1905
   Salina, KS, 67402-1905

   Select PayPal as the payment method. Once the order is received, you will receive a confirmation with the Order total and instructions for sending payment.

Return Policy
Acoustic Sounds, Inc. offers, as part of our industry-leading service, the finest, most durable packaging of any music mail-order business. In short, we know how to package and ship music and equipment so that it will arrive damage-free. But of course there are times when manufacturing defects exist that are not visible or audible until the packaging is opened. In the event that you are not satisfied with the physical or audible condition of your Acoustic Sounds purchase, please take note of our following return policies:

Within 30 days of purchase, we will accept returns of any physically or audibly defective or damaged item. We do not guarantee that you will like the music or recording quality of a LP or CD, and personal taste does not qualify as a reason for return. In lieu of a refund, we will instead ship to our customer a replacement copy of the same item that was returned. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs to return the defective item to Acoustic Sounds. Acoustic Sounds will in turn pay the shipping costs to replace the item to the customer.

In the case of international orders, Acoustic Sounds will only ship a replacement item as part of a $50-minimum subsequent order.

In order to return an item, the customer must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) from Acoustic Sounds by calling 785-825-8609. A RMA# must be requested by the customer by no later than 30 days from the time that they purchased the item in question. If after 30 days from purchase no RMA# has been requested, the sale of that item becomes final.

Once a RMA# has been issued, the customer is to write that number on the outside of the box being returned to Acoustic Sounds. In the case of a piece of equipment or hardware, DO NOT write on the product box or container. You can write the RMA# on a piece of paper and tape that to the product box.

Each return must include a written description of exactly what is defective and why the item is being returned. Please be specific. For example, if an LP is being returned due to inordinate surface noise, describe exactly where in the record (side, track, minute, second) the defect occurs.

When returning a defective or damaged item to Acoustic Sounds, it is recommended that the customer ship using either FedEx or UPS so as to be able to both insure and track their shipment. The customer assumes all responsibility for any packages that are lost, stolen or damaged in return transit.

All returns must be received by Acoustic Sounds no later than 15 days from the time the RMA# was issued. If after 15 days the product is not returned to Acoustic Sounds, that RMA# becomes invalid.

Please note: From the time Acoustic Sounds physically receives your returned item(s), it may take up to two weeks to issue your replacement. We appreciate your patience. Please refrain from checking on the status of your return prior to the two week allowance period.

Headphones and Phono Cartridges are not eligible for return.

   Special discounts on quantity purchases, equipment and sales may not display pricing and or shipping correctly on the online shopping cart. These will be calculated on the final invoice.
    We try to keep a current supply of everything that is listed in the catalog.  At times, some items may be temporarily out of stock.  By checking the "Backorder" box on the order form, you may put the items on backorder.  We will ship in-stock items and place the out-of-stock items on backorder.  Acoustic Sounds will not charge shipping & handling for backordered items, but all backorders will be sent the best way.  Nothing is charged until it actually ships.
   If you request to put an item on back order that we know will not be available within 30 days, it will be kept on backorder by us and shipped as soon as it arrives. You do not need to reorder that item again.
   Backorders are not available on International, Canada or non-continental US orders.
   Preordered albums are those that have been announced but are not yet available from the manufacturer. You will be charged shipping and handling for preordered items with the same provisions as apply to all regular in-stock items. If you do not wish to be charged this extra shipping, request "ship in full" and the whole order will be shipped at once.

Preowned Policy

Because of our constantly changing inventory, we can not guarantee the availability and prices of these selections. Please use this for inquiry purposes. We will e-mail a reply as to the condition, price and availability.

Most of these records have been visually graded only, but some have been play graded. Since we can only price them after they have been either visually inspected or play graded some do not list the price. Let us know which ones you are interested in, we will then clean, play grade, and verify condition and or stamper numbers and quote you the final price. It would be next to impossible for us to pre-clean, play grade, and verify stamper numbers on all listed LP's and list an accurate condition code with price.


Due to the labor intensive process involved with filing orders for Used LPs, we encourage fax and e-mail inquiries for these orders. If you are placing orders by phone our operators cannot confirm availability or condition of any of these LPs. Please list and clearly indicate any alternate choices by order of preference. While we will make every effort to process these orders in the same quick manner as our regular orders, they may not go out "same-day" as normal new LP/CD orders.


Money Back Guarantee:
If you are not satisfied with the condition of your purchase - we will make a full refund of the purchase price of any returned used item only with an Return Authorization Number (R.A number). In addition you must include a detailed written description of any defects - ie: side and band where problems occur, or any discrepancy concerning Condition Code. When negotiating a return, please ask the operator for your Return Authorization Number. We will only accept returns with an R.A. number AND description of problem.

We will not reimburse any return postage on any items listed in this catalog!

Condition Code / Grading Scale:

M = Mint:
Record looks and sounds new. No scratches, surface noise, ticks or pops. If there would be any surface noise, it would be very soft. If there would be a tick or pop, it would only be one or two soft ones.

M- = Mint Minus:
Record looks and sounds very acceptable. This is a record that can be enjoyed. It may have some slight visible marks and may have surface noise and a few ticks and pops, but this will still be minimal.

VG = Very Good:
Record looks and sounds used. This record has lots of surface noise and has visible scratches. For listening or collecting it is only good as "filler".

+ = Plus: (such as VG++)
Indicates the degree of closeness to the next higher grade.

- = Minus:
Indicates the degree of closeness to the next lower grade.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information printed or displayed. We reserve the right to correct any errors, whether in pricing, description, specifications, pictures, etc. Acoustic Sounds, Inc. is not responsible for typographic or technical errors
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