Sutherland - 12dAX7 Preamp




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S 12DAX7

Pre Amps

Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

With the Sutherland 12dAX7 preamp, you can literally bring your hi-fi to work. Finally, you can hear the digital world of music through the intimate warmth of tubes. This is by far the finest Digital-to-Analog converter designed to work with either your PC or Mac. High-speed digital activity within a computer generates interference that drastically limits audio performance. Digital-to-Analog converters and amplifiers obtain optimum performance when located outside this hostile environment. The Sutherland 12dAX takes computer-stored sound formats to the audiophile level, significantly out-performing conventional low-fi soundcards. By using 12dAX7 tubes in unique circuit design, the harmonic structure of digitized music is restored. The sound takes on a smooth, relaxed persentation.

Now you can use your computer's CD player and listen to all the music that the Internet has to offer without compromising your audiophile ear.

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