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Fundamentally sound

Launched in 2006, the Tucana, Leema’s first audio component, soon established itself as a genuine reference amplifier, winning many prestigious awards. Now the Tucana II extends both the performance and features of the original, to set a new global standard for integrated amplifiers.

Sharing DNA with its staggering sibling, the Leema Reference Series Altair IV, the Tucana II is an even more accomplished performer than its multi-award winning predecessor.

Improved dynamic drive, resolution of fine detail and remarkable clarity, help the Tucana II present music with life-like swing and verve, comfortably driving even the most fussy of today’s audiophile speakers.

The technically groundbreaking dual-mono design uses three heavy-duty toroidal power transformers, one for each channel and one for the control circuitry. This, coupled with a robust and highly refined multi-bipolar output stage, ensures that music is delivered with a vice-like grip and precise loudspeaker control.

Tucana II features an MP3 front-panel input, fixed gain input for AV connection, balanced XLR inputs as standard and a dedicated headphone output.

The user interface offers balance control and individually adjustable input gains, both of which were originally developed for the Reference Series Pyxis pre-amplifier.

Tucana II can also operate as a LIPS® system master or slave and is able to talk to other Leema components. This enables the Tucana II to automatically configure other devices in a multi-unit home cinema system of uncompromised audiophile quality.

  • Power Output: 8 ohms: 150 Watts RMS per channel, 4 ohms: 290 Watts RMS per channel
  • Minimum load impedance: 2 ohms.
  • Output Current: greater than +/- 50 Amps
  • Frequency response +0/-3dB @ 1W: 5Hz - 100kHz
  • Noise (A weighted, volume control minimum): -100dBm
  • Signal to Noise ratio (A weighted, ref: 285 Watts RMS 4 ohms): -104dB
  • THD (10 Watts RMS 4 ohms, 1KHz): 0.004%
  • THD (Max output before clipping, 4 ohms, 1KHz): 0.004%
  • Maximum DC offset: +/- 15mV
  • Sensitivity for maximum output (CD input): 565mV RMS
  • Sensitivity for maximum output (other inputs): 311mV RMS
  • Output Impedance: 0.05 ohms Damping Factor (8 ohms): 160


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