Thomas Newman - Skyfall

 (Limited Edition Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Black and Gold Vinyl + 3D Pop Up)


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Product No.:
ABRK 281
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Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Shipping Novermber 2017

Fully remastered for vinyl

2LP set in two different color variants — black and black/gold split!

180-gram each, each limited to 500 copies!

16-page full-size photo booklet

Deluxe, 3D pop-up gatefold jacket with 16-page photo booklet

The original motion picture soundtrack to the James Bond film "Skyfall" starring Daniel Craig. Original music by Thomas Newman. Fully remastered for vinyl - 2 LP set in two different variants, black and black/gold split vinyl - Individually numbered limited edition of 500 copies each - 16-page full-size photo booklet - Stunning 3D pop-up gatefold jacket!


1. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
2. Voluntary Retirement
3. New Digs
4. Séverine
5. Brave New World
6. Shanghai Drive
7. Jellyfish
8. Silhouette
9. Modigliani
10. Day Wasted
11. Quartermaster
12. Someone Usually Dies
13. Komodo Dragon
14. The Bloody Shot
15. Enjoying Death
16. The Chimera
17. Close Shave
18. Health & Safety
19. Granborough Road
20. Tennyson
21. Enquiry
22. Breadcrumbs
23. Skyfall
24. Kill Them First
25. Welcome to Scotland
26. She’s Mine
27. The Moors
28. Deep Water
29. Mother
30. Adrenaline

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