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45 RPM Vinyl Record

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45 RPM

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180-gram 45 RPM gatefold double LP

David Roth's third album with Stockfisch-Records Will You Come Home is a photograph album full of treasured memories. Singer/songwriter Roth transports the listener on a magical journey through highlights in his life.

David Roth is a musical portrait artist who conveys a wealth of stories, anecdotes and remembered scenes with a physically felt intensity. This album is reminiscent, too, of a much-loved anthology of poetry, like one of those marvelous books which one can simply open at any page. That extraordinary feeling of warmth and familiarity that takes us by surprise when listening to this music comes from the sheer magic of the melodies, the mellow harmonies, the irresistible guitar sounds and David Roth's voice. And because the message is universal: happiness and serenity, sadness, excited anticipation, gratitude, a dash of regret — and not least the humour lurking in chance observations.

David Roth's mastery in reconciling opposite poles brings us a message: Whatever may happen, we should also treat ourselves with compassion ("Be Kind To Yourself"), have trust, and the courage to be authentic: to let go, and finally be at one with ourselves, however we may be ("Will You Come Home"). And what's more - we are here for a reason: our being ion this planet will ultimately help all things to work together for good ("Greater Good of All").

In a snowstorm like the one that created havoc along America's coastline recently, David Roth's Will You Come Home would be the THE music for weathering the storm. Being snowed-in has its advantages: These songs are like much-loved guests - how nice that they cannot leave.

"One of the reasons I write songs and play music is to try and bring more beauty into a world that needs more beauty." — David Roth

"David Roth, a powerful new singer-songwriter has reached our hearts. With voices like his still singing, there's a certainty that the candle will remain lit, the hope reasserted and the dream still sung..." — Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary)



Side 1
Be Kind To Yourself
How Do You Hold On To Love

Side 2
Nine Gold Medals
Norman’s Way
I’ll Be Here For You

Side 3
Nights At The Chez
The Armor Song

Side 4
Thank You Mr. Ryan
Will You Come Home
Greater Good of All

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