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FLAC 96kHz/24bit Download

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Both Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster had the strength and depth of sound to fill a room without a microphone. As Hawkins once put it, "On the saxophone, sound is it. - I didn't have to work on it - the sound just came. You take a lot of boys over in New York, those who do all this playing - and the crazy ones who do all the crazy playing. They can't get my sound - that's what bugs them."

Some of today's saxophonists come close, but none has either the Hawkins-Webster fullness of tone or the enveloping spirit that sounds a strikingly individual identity. That's also called soul. When it came to music, neither Hawkins nor Webster would compromise.

1. Blues For Yolanda
2. It Never Entered My Mind
3. La Rosita
4. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
5. Prisoner Of Love
6. Tangerine
7. Shine On Harvest Moon

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Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster

posted on 01/04/2018
4 Stars
Awesome sound as expected. Very vintage and open in the treble while maintaining a solid midrange and bass response. Hawkins’ sax is just as full and dynamic as some of the other recordings he made in the era. Hiss is apparent throughout and the piano is mixed to the left while the drums and guitar are panned to the right. The bass and the saxophones are panned roughly in the middle making for a decent stereo image on headphones. Recommended.

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