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DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download

DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download


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DSD PURE! Likely the only 64-track DSD PURE project ever recorded and released! This record is an unearthed gem!

Includes three bonus tracks!

Rock and Roll from the Soul of the Desert

Myth Magic is the new album from tribal earth-rockers Kan'Nal. 

Born from a messianic vision in a Guatemalan cave, the band Kan'Nal evokes epic global evolution — the old world on fire as the new dream comes awake. But there is nothing "New Age" about this raw driving alt-rock. Led by a Jim Morrison-like visionary named Tzol on lead vocals, and fused with swirling guitar, bass, didgeridoo and locomotive drumming, Kan'Nal feels like an elemental force — primeval thunder and lightning blowing through the mind field.

Kan'Nal's live shows, as Michael Deeds of the Washington Post describes, "are spectacular: Hypnotic percussion, guitar and buzzing didgeridoo create a spirit-channeling framework for Tzol's primal, sensual vocals... Kan'Nal's two mesmerizing female dancers gyrate as if possessed, eyes rolled back, sometimes holding deer antlers to their craniums."

The new album Myth Magic captures the experience in multi-dimensional audio. Recorded in Boulder, Colorado on the Sonoma Super Audio system — likely the only 64-track DSD Pure project ever recorded and released, the album is a shamanic journey into the desert wilderness of the mind. Full of invocations, it is raw and edgy, conveying the inner truth of our wild side — calling animal spirits into presence, as in the song "Running with the Wolves."

"Let the full moon rise
And see with the eye
In the heart of the sky....
I can feel it in my bones
Like the beating of a thousand drums."




1. Digging Up The Devils
2. Myth Magic
3. Rain Gods
4. Space Child
5. Walk With Me
6. Coyote
7. Wolves
8. Mama’s Babies
9. Luna Llena
10. Dragon Fly
11. Open Channel
12. Animal Angel (Bonus Track)
13. Woman Who Sees (Bonus Track)
14. Poem (Bonus Track)

Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 2 person(s) rated this product.

Very Cool Collection of Memorizing Sounds

posted on 03/27/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: JJ77
DSD at its best!!!

Organic, Beautiful - Primordial

posted on 03/12/2014
5 Stars
Reviewer: Gus Skinas
I've wanted the public to have access to this beautiful recording in its DSD PURE form for many years now. Finally!! It is one of my favorite DSD projects ever, and I still listen to the album over and over again. It's so organic and natural.

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